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Welcome to SpeechTrack.
SpeechTrack is in the business of prodiving high quality recording services to companies and individuals who have the need to maintain a recorded record of their telephone calls in mp3 or wav format.
There are three ways to use SpeechTrack to record telephone calls:
1. Place a telephone call into SpeechTrack, and then three-way call the desired party, and bridge the two together.
2. Place a telephone call into SpeechTrack, and then dial the number to which you wish to connect, and SpeechTrack will connect your call and record your call.
3. Use the SpeechTrack IP address to reflect your calls and record each and every call, inbound and outbound.  Calls are recorded and maintained on a secure server, or can be sent to you via FTP following each telephone call.
How does it work?
How much does it cost?
Who uses the service?
What type of phone system does it work with?
How long are recordings maintained?
What if I want to host my own recordings?
What if I have additional questions?
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